Who’s to blame for Global Warming?

Blaming the atmosphere for heating up the earth, is like blaming the windshield for making your leather seats hot.

Maybe we should look at the increasing amounts of road, buildings, cement and asphalt we’re laying across the surface of the earth?[1] Is the earth really heating up? Today the average temperature is 15°C, only 400 years ago the average temp was 16°C-17°C.[2] Many scientists say the earth goes through cycles and we are actually at the tipping point of sliding back into another ice age.[3] How accurate has temperature been recorded over the years? How can scientists really collect enough data to say there is a global average temperature? In many mountain ranges, temperatures can differ every 100ft in elevation.[4] Are we really the cause of some kind of temperature increase or are we limited on our data and extrapolating what we know too far without accounting for alternative variables? What are your thoughts?

Answers to come….


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One Response to Who’s to blame for Global Warming?

  1. 202 says:

    I dont know the answers on this subject but I certainly dont fear it.
    Gots some vids and articles that explain why here http://www.robertdryer.com/?p=778

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